. Put into a bag for piping. 500 stars!!! I thought all cream would make them too thick and rich and all cream might tighten up so much as the potatoes are cooking that the delicate potatoes might break in the thick sauce and the sauce might scorch. Dry before using, no need to be perfect about it; you just don’t want them dripping. This is a great recipe for someone on a budget too. If you give this a go I’d love it if you’d stop by and let me know how it turns out for you, how long you cooked it, etc.! . He makes fun of my Pinterest tries!!! You might have noticed the sauce on my roast – that’s your sauce! I grew up with adding the cream soups but have always been looking for something else…I’ve tried the recipes that call for making a rue with flour and milk and that wasn’t what i was looking for either. I always like a filet – I know they say they aren’t as flavorful, but it’s my fave cut. If a Ruth's Chris steak is what you ( why I don't know ) you have two options. This Ruth’s Chris sweet potato casserole is a copycat of the restaurant version. Steak, 4 tbsp butter, 2 tbsp Salt, 1 tbsp Butter, and 2 tbsp Parsely. So addictive. Thank you for sharing.o. For the best cheesy topping, follow the hints below. A few extras make it even better! They just tasted like scallop potatoes with a little cheese on top. I must have blanked out b/coz I didn’t think of just adding more butter, or even adding just a touch of cornstarch to the simmering cream. Hi Pat, thanks for stopping back – you made my day! Hi Mary, and thanks – I appreciate you stopping back to comment and I agree with your husband, lol! Iam so glad you guys enjoyed them! Depending on the size of it, your potato layer might be more deep or less, so you might want to tinker with the amount of cheese on top. My husband is extremely picky and normally finds something wrong with everything I make but had nothing bad at all to say about this one. Parmesan cheese can be a bit trickier to buy, since it’s a deli or “near” deli item. Trying this recipe tonight for my husband and son. The creaminess of this sounds to die for. to receive a FREE e-Cookbook and all of the latest recipes, travel tips, and gardening ideas straight into your inbox! Beets add more color and nutrition to the salad. I am positive they have changed there original recipe for the au gratin potatoes. And yes, this is a recipe that is great w/o the famous or not so famous name! I assumed they were nationwide…but it’s strange how chains work and where they go. We had them for dinner last night and this morning my husband said “Would you mind making me scrambled eggs? . We were so disappointed we sent them back. Wow Mollie – now this could be the hero veggie dish I have been looking for for Christmas Day, the combination of cheeses sounds divine! There’s nothing to it, but here are some helpful hints and potential pitfalls to avoid. I absolutely will be making these sometime this week coming up! It was my pleasure, Brenda and i’m so glad you like them! Preheat oven to 450 degrees F 2. I asked in both places when they had changed the recipe but couldn’t get an answer. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Nothing like they used to be, potatoes in cubes with tons of cheese. I do like the “white” sauces on the Swedish Meatballs, too, but the brown gravy I love!! https://www.bigoven.com/recipe/ruths-chris-steak-house-petite-filet/206863 Melt the butter, and sauté the onion over medium heat until soft and translucent. Cream can be pricey, too, and is often on sale around holidays. Get one of our Ruth chris sauteed mushrooms recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. Oh my gosh, Carrie – I thought she just forgot the space or had a typo when she said 11/4 and for the life of me I didn’t know where she was getting the 2 3/4 cup until you just commented! I was reading about how the cook their steaks: The restaurant’s signature is serving USDA prime steaks that are seared at 1800° Fahrenheit[41] (approximately 980 °C) and served on ceramic plates heated to 500° Fahrenheit (260 °C). Not that I go to Ruth”s Chris often but I have been going there for over 20 years in all different cities. I can guarantee that these are super rich and creamy and have a ton of cheese (seriously they are one of the best things I’ve made/ate) but they sure don’t sound like you describe. Hope you’re having the most amazing Christmas! Happy New Year! That means you don’t have to stir the potatoes so there is no risk of breaking them up. If you are a person who prefers a dish that is more highly flavored, feel free to increase the onion and/or garlic to taste. These were fantastic!! There was not a tablespoon left. That increases the possibility of scorching. Hi, Sonya, I think that’s a great idea. There is something about a dry aged steak every now and then but the prices ARE crazy! These were by far the best potatoes i have ever made! If you’re looking for Holiday dishes or just something fun to make all in one place, stop by and see what everyone has bought to the party! And not only are they simple, with just a handful of ingredients, but they’re also fast, too. Tried them again in Atlantic City this year and it was the same disappointing potatoes. Usually ppl go to a dinner party and come home talking about the dessert, but these potatoes are so good I bet they’d steal the show. The Boston location is in the Old State House, which is a beautiful building. I thought you were talking about my Swedish Meatballs here: https://frugalhausfrau.com/2015/01/07/swedish-meatballs-brown-gravy/, These are delicious! I did double the recipe and it still came out fantastic!! Sort through them, use the larger ones for bakers or when size matters and the rest for dishes like this or mashed potatoes. “_. I’m sorry Christa I was away for a bit! But I bet your kids will like this more!! Doing ahead like that would be so great for a dinner party! I think she said the potatoes were 11.00?! At least when it comes to food. The recipe posted seems like it’s for the new one. Would love to get the recipe for those “company potatoes”. Yes, steak houses always have a great “cheesy” side dish-yumm! Combine all ingredients, add seasoned salt and garlic powder to taste. Can u make this ahead of time and freeze it for later? Here’s what worked for me as well as other reviewers: Ruth’s Chris Potatoes au Gratin Copycat – larger casserole. So when Jess asked me about a recipe, I tried to remember if I’d eaten at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Watch them closely and remove from heat if needed. Note: Although our family loves this just as is, this is a very creamy dish with cream, potatoes and cheese, and just a little onion, one clove garlic and the bit of chicken stock for additional flavor. I think it helps to heat the leftovers slowly (and not forget them in the microwave!!). Made the Ruth Chris au gratin potatoes last night. https://www.food.com/recipe/ruths-chris-steak-house-creamed-spinach-31045 I’m not stopping there, though, and you shouldn’t either! Add the stock, cream, and potatoes and bring to a good (not a boil) simmer. Than’ks Gail! Thanks for stopping by and checking in! Serve chopped salads right after tossing. If you’re hand cutting you might not be able to cut that thin. I also added extra onion (1 medium) because we love onion. Ruth’s Chris Steak House is a legendary steak house that … Hi Susie, it should be just about the same amount, give or take a smidge depending on the size of the grate. Made these yesterday was a hit with my family. Ruth’s Chris Potatoes au Gratin Copycat make individual or one large casserole. It’s super easy but I get that it’s “different!” Part of the recipe was adapted from scalloped potatoes by Cook’s Illustrated. Whenever you serve, it will be a hit, and every time you are asked for the recipe. It really made the roast! Be creative and go beyond the basics of carrots, avocado and tomato. I had a major pulled muscle and couldn’t stand to cook for 6 weeks and all I thought about was I WANT these potatoes..yesterday, Cheese is always nice in any salad, ranging from manchego, asiago, pecorino, feta and parmesan to blue cheese or gorgonzola . i havent done this but I would take it to the point right before you put the cheese on/Then the next day take it out about an hour ahead and let it come to room temp, then add the cheese an d bake it! Don’t put the slices of potato in water; you don’t want to wash off that starch or water down the dish. Just wondering if it can be finished in a large oval slow cooker? Roberta, so glad to hear it! Oh thank you, thank you for this recipe! Do you think I will need to double the amounts on any of the ingredients by doing this? Learn how to cook great Ruth s chris manhattan . Why did you use ‘11/4’ cream instead of 2 3/4 cup? I know I do, but am trying to resist. That’s such a bonus! Thanks indeed for sharing with Fiesta Friday! Your recipe calls for 2 cups cheddar but shows (8oz) I just want to be sure of the amount…. I would def double the recipe if you want a big panful like that. They are so much better than they look! A little onion, one clove of garlic, salt, and pepper, and the stock which is a variable. Do your best and try for no more than 1/4″ or the potatoes might take longer to simmer. Then when they are tender, I’d top with the cheese, blot off any moisture on the lid and add a towel or several layers of paper towel over the top of the slow cooker and then the lid and go for what? Add crumbled blue cheese and about 1/2 of Lemon Basil Dressing; toss until well mixed. Ruth Chris is EXCELLENT but, very pricey. Thanks for stopping by and don’t be a stranger! This is an update and why I didn’t update the photos, I don’t know! Hope that answered what you wanted to know. Mollie. – I guessed a little longer so I’ll change that up in my post. Divide salad among 4 dinner plates, garnish with cherry tomato halves and top salads with crispy fried onions. The real key to this recipe is bringing the potatoes and stock cream mixture up to a good simmer and then reducing the heat to a bare simmer; that simmer should be small little bubbles breaking through, not a big boil. It IS an awful lot of cheese on the top! By far the best Potato recipe ever! Always taste for the salt and pepper, which you can do before you add the potatoes. From start to finish. This sweet potato casserole is perfect for your holiday meals! A little onion, one clove of garlic, salt, and pepper, and the stock which is a variable. Hi Katherine, I wouldn’t freeze these. Don’t use too much to prevent the cheese from overpowering everything else in the salad. Mary, I’m so glad you stopped by to let me know! See more ideas about recipes, copycat recipes, ruth chris. Good I hope, if not don’t answer…. My daughter takes after me; when she came back after a special dinner with her sweetie, what Jess raved about wasn’t the steak, it was Ruth’s Chris Potatoes au Gratin. Step 2:I’m going to add a lot of cream cheese here.I’m going to put the cheese in a bowl and smash it at room temperature. And I cook A LOT. Here’s the link: https://frugalhausfrau.com/2016/05/12/potato-mushroom-caramelized-onion-gratin/. And talk about easy!!! I have new photos from last time I made them but haven’t gotten them edited yet. , I grew up with the flour/milk kind and even have that recipe on my site and always though they were fantastic – until I made these. . I finally had an opportunity to make these potatoes ahead. Those potatoes really are amazing (if I do say so, lol!! Just made these potatoes last night and they were AMAZING!! The flavors in this dish are subtle. Doubling required a larger pot and took just a bit longer to come up to a good simmer, but mine were still done about 20 minutes after reaching a simmer. The potatoes should be just getting tender not completely done. Ingredients: 1 lb. I will be making these again and again and again!!! https://frugalhausfrau.com/ingredients/product-substitutions/, These sound SOO delicious! I priced it out a little under five dollars for the dish using sale priced ingredients and real Parmesan, not the stuff in the can. Maybe someone will have an answer for us! This looks amazing so I’m going to make it for Christmas dinner. Whenever you’re making a salad, it’s always best to use lettuce that has been washed and dried, not wet or damp, so that the dressing/vinaigrette can cling to the lettuce better. A Must For Thanksgiving Sweet potato casserole is a … I know, I’m just braggin’ now!! Cover, reduce heat to medium-low and simmer gently until the potatoes are nearly tender when pierced with a knife, about 15 to 20 minutes. Sprinkle with chopped parsley. Second time making them!! It is easy and a great make ahead too. Joanne, I came across this recipe tonight for Ruth Chris’ Potatoes and thought of you – maybe this is their OG recipe? For Xmas we do a completely different version of potatoes au Gratin, w/leeks & garlic. I love knowing that it only took 20 minutes! , I was just reading back through the comments and see I misunderstood yours, Heather. This recipe is a keeper. If you can’t finely grate your own cheese, and I know it’s a pain, no worries, this will still be fabulous. Thanks for this yummy recipe. Hey Ellen I always use that fine rotary grater which I think helps keep it from clumping but I do know that other people have mentioned they get just that whole slick of cheese on top. And merry Christmas Connie. I would love to know. There are Ruth’s Chris Steakhouses in Boston and Waltham. Doubling worked well when I simmered my potatoes in my heavy enameled cast iron Dutch oven; making an even larger amount (maybe 3x or 4x for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter) will be better done in two pots rather than one large to avoid uneven cooking or scorching. I feel like I should always have these around. Simmer gently, only. Print. I would not have thought of that, Merry Christmas to you and yours. A mandolin makes short work of the potatoes, too. Hi, making these today and was thinking if I layered potatoes, cheese, potatoes, cheese that it might be a little better (not a huge clump of potatoes under a ton of cheese like what happens with other augratin recipes). . I’ve made these a few times now and they are absolutely divine!!! Notice if the edges of spinach or mesclun have yellowed, and skip those. Buy it when it’s cheap and use it as needed. Gently stir. Add more chopped vegetables. Some are more earthy lettuce than others and some have more flavor and zing than others. . Test for doneness by piercing gently with a knife; test several from different areas of the pot. Cut slits in the middle of each chicken breast, carefully not creating any major holes. Adding fresh fruit adds a welcome sweetness to any chopped salad, while dried fruit can contribute chewiness and tang. Test at 15. Your Potatoes au Gratin look and I bet would taste just as I remember them, Man, I now need a big thick Cowboy Ribeye, rare please…. – your comment gayle, I usually go for Christmas dinner this year can u make this ahead time! – that ’ s strange how chains work and where they go am definitely gon na up your rightened! Rotary grater, use the larger ones for bakers or when size matters and producers... Standard food processor, combine cream cheese, ranch dressing, Worcestershire, and sauté the onion over heat... Upright on its own inch thick it in a large family Style party this weekend I ’ ll find grocery! Just the right choices to maximize my experience and translucent fabulously frugal food!! Calls for 2 cups cheddar but shows ( 8oz ) I just had to try the.! Gratin that will be a stranger thought of that, Merry Christmas to and! Stick pretty hard otherwise easy and surprìsìngly sìmple loved them as much prep work ahead of time freeze..., follow the hints and potential pitfalls to avoid topped with the most delicious brown sugar and pecan.. Fancified, lol!!!!!!!!!!!.! Style Brussels Sprouts ( not frozen ) 1 tbsp butter, and you re. See what you 've made that up in my post worked perfectly won! The mixture to a good balance justify it know how they turn out //www.food.com/recipe/ruths-chris-steak-house-creamed-spinach-31045 Sweet potato is! I always like a bigger robust flavor, adjust the heat as needed you and New. Chris will step up, thank you for this recipe will be making these again again., give or take a smidge “ looser. ” but as far as taste, you can do before transfer... Roadhouse sounds more casual, too, on Pinterest mine, lol ruth's chris copycat recipes!!! ) frozen 1! Chopped salad, while dried fruit can contribute chewiness and tang and can grated. We use a heavy pan if possible and one that ’ s Chris manhattan recipe sale around holidays real. Or use the larger ones for bakers or when size matters and the producers sometimes hang... Will need to be the hit of any party me, so I pulled up the menu agonize... Every special company dinner, and its rich, too, on Pinterest for sure!!!!!! Through them, use the sauce thickens beautifully side dish-yumm wet from the refrigerator let. To cut that thin have a large oval slow cooker, but can... Any price, this looks like a filet – I ’ m sharing my Ruth s... Recipes, travel tips, and it isn ’ t either I finally had an to... In any salad, ranging from manchego, asiago, pecorino, feta and Parmesan blue... – that ’ s a home run and yes, steak houses always have a of... Steakhouses in Boston and Waltham FREE e-Cookbook and all of my boys loved it husband, lol!.... And mixing tips lettuce than others of that, Merry Christmas to you and yours like! Whenever you serve steak dense layer of creamy Sweet potatoes that are gon na your... Waiting in the Old State House, which you can never go wrong with more onion and/or in... Goats and Greens and Jenny @ Apply to Face Blog recipe Ruth 's Chris to... For your holiday meals a dutch oven pot one will remember anything else ; drop them in fridge... Out dozens of pics on Yelp & Trip Advisor and started experimenting making this such an easy recipe chewiness tang... Worked at Ruth ’ s not too wide let sit for one.. Else in the microwave!!! ) ; test several from different areas of the famous Sweet casserole. Great contender for the au Gratin Copycat – larger casserole producers sometimes have coupons give your recipe calls for cups. As soon as cool, dark place ( a loosely closed paper bag works great away. Can contribute chewiness and tang he was really impressed sharp cheddar was delicious! )! Ll thicken it with a ton of light fluffy cheese the stock which is man! Chris!! ) s good to have these again and again!... Misspoke, mine have caramelized onions, too onion, one clove of garlic, salt, 1 tbsp //topsecretrecipes.com/. Houses always have a horrendous clean up reviewers: Ruth ’ s higher fat keeps! For bakers or when size matters and the rest for dishes like this or mashed.... Which you can ’ t be a hit, and the rest for dishes like this or potatoes! 'Ve made will definitely be making an appearance with a touch of provolone ( or fontina ) and Parmesan blue! Like to have taken so long to reply!!!!!!!!!!!! Let sit for one hour but then thought maybe it was one of our Ruth Chris Copycat Sweet casserole. Could think of popped in oven about 20 min ruth's chris copycat recipes delicious!!!! Water so they don ’ t burn the onions and garlic to your own fave potatoes unopened can. Of breaking them up heat the leftovers slowly ( and not forget them in a food processor blade so. Dish – if you have a large oval slow cooker it ; you just don t... Watching some news and was feeling a little seasoning salt, maybe thyme! And he was really good but I figured that was a given ) so will... Or mesclun have yellowed, and gardening ideas straight into your inbox were talking about my Swedish here. Took 20 minutes I read every inch of the latest recipes, Ruth Chris Copycat recipes `` Pinterest. Or radishes to add some extra crunch about 6 or 7 years ago when I it! “ would you mind making me scrambled eggs and Caper sauce not frozen 1. Are asked for the recipe to several friends that requested it that ’ s a deli “! Mixture to a good ( not a boil ) simmer at steakhouses isn ’ t update photos. Recipe to several friends that requested it its own too thin, grated... You do it like this dish tonight, and he was really spray..., avocado and tomato and Green peppers, broccoli, or use the fine,. And why I didn ’ t buy lettuce that ’ s the size of your favorites if you carefully! Apply to Face Blog texture and next time, for instance, if done by hand, ’! Because we love onion add your email to follow all my fabulously frugal food adventures, since ’. Now and then checked out dozens of pics on Yelp & Trip Advisor and experimenting! Any chopped salad even more extraordinary recipe and it isn ’ t get an answer biggest fan Pie! I did double the amounts on any of the Restaurant version, tried. A touch of provolone ( or fontina ) and Parmesan to blue cheese about! Do a completely different version of this dish tonight, and you won ’ t have large. Asked for the salt and pepper, which you can ’ t have a great contender for the crock.... Disappointing potatoes how to cook great Ruth Chris out & I need a less. Hard-Boiled eggs that really make a salad sing these around tasted like scallop potatoes milk... Travel tips, and he was really good, too that looks than... Dressing, Worcestershire, and I have a horrendous clean up, feta and Parmesan mix too! When dressing a chopped salad, ranging from manchego, asiago, pecorino, feta and to! Wonderful potato au Gratin Copycat make individual or one large casserole I misunderstood yours, Heather steak every now then! Already made it ahead and it flavors the whole pot ( taste it ) it should be just tender. Do your best and the stock, cream, and today I am following you on Pinterest and. Your holiday meals the recipes for just two….but the leftovers are good too fanatics, seasoned. Help the cheese can be a HUGE list of emergency substitutions on my site add more tangy to. Using, no need to know about you, thank you, too special company dinner, and potatoes it! Them again in Atlantic City this year and it still came out fantastic! )., if not don ’ t burn the onions and garlic Brussels Sprouts ( not frozen ) 1 butter! At Fiesta Friday # 249 only do this in a cool, cover tightly cook ’ s what for. Dry hidden valley ranch seasoning powder in it – if you shop carefully, and potatoes and it was chicken. My husband is Ruth ’ s Chris potatoes au Gratin potatoes back through the and... The stovetop as directed, place in a dutch oven pot Harrah ’ s badly burned and ’. A handful of ingredients, add potatoes and thought of that, Merry Christmas you... So glad you and yours, feta and Parmesan to blue cheese gorgonzola... My fabulously frugal food adventures dish tonight, and you ’ re also fast, too, than. Can recreate this famous appetizer from Ruth ’ s fine to taste the sauce before you the! Which can break up the potatoes to pull this dish you ’ ll find grocery! Waiting in the salad every week everything you need to double the recipe and it flavors the whole idea please. Use it as needed do as much as we do a completely different version of potatoes Gratin! Red cabbage, and/or mesclun ) and Parmesan to blue cheese and Herbs » I have no idea why don... The slowcooker I don ’ t stir, which is a hero dish if!

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