2020: Mount Elphinstone Goat Ridge Mount Galiano, Sutil Mountain and Stockade Hill Mount Dewdney and Mount Ford Shawatum Mountain Harrison Hill Nordheim Peak Ottomite Mountain Gentian Peak and Panorama Ridge Rethel Mountain, via North Couloir Little Mountain [Vancouver] Red Mountain [Mission] Mount Glasgow, Mount… Gear - medium to large stoppers, small cams, small tri cams. The nearby north peak is a bit higher but typically requires climbing gear. What: Climb of North Ingalls via its Class 5.4 south ridge . Early season ascent. After taking it all in, we set up camp and hung out on the lake. Who: Loren and Dave When: June 29th, 2002. The road is still snow covered 2.5 miles from the trailhead with downed trees and some minor washouts to boot. The Leonids meteor shower is expected to peak between midnight and dawn on November 17 and 18. Ingalls Peak is the highest point in the Teanaway area of the Wenatchee Mountains. The disadvantage is that you will need to climb back over it on the way out, adding maybe 1000' to your climb out of the Ingalls Creek valley. Si… 2. After a scrambly approach we got to the gully that lead to the ridge proper. Cathedral Peak Approach is a 3,424 m blue singletrack alpine trail located near Yosemite California. Ingalls North Peak, South Ridge route. P3 2. A … With rain and thunderstorms in the forecast my buddy and I headed up to Ingalls peak this weekend for an attempt at the South Ridge. Scramble up for even better views of Mount Stuart and the other range peaks of the Teanaway and Enchantments. Use the nice creek at the trailhead to cool off your post climb beverages. The main objective was to do the East Ridge of Ingalls N Peak and if time/energy allowed also climb The S Ridge, East Peak and South Peak. It was a nice relaxing approach on a well maintained and amazing trail in and out of some forest and meadow. We drove up the Teanaway River and hiked in towards Ingalls Pass. Ingalls Peak - East Ridge. Trip: Ingalls Peak - South Ridge Trip Date: 05/05/2018 Trip Report: Slog is a four letter word. We weren’t going to let a 70% chance of rain/snow and 30 mph winds slow us down! He is an animal on indoor walls and sport climbs, but hasn't done much alpine rock. Wild rappel. After skiing down back to roughly where we started towards South Ingalls Peak, the third and final objective was Fortune Peak. Ingalls Peak is a 7,662-foot (2,335-metre) triple-summit mountain located in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, along the common border of Kittitas County and Chelan County, in Washington state. The following day we got up early, and began the longer-than-anticipated approach to the East Ridge of Ingalls Peak, North Peak (not sure why it's not called North Ingalls Peak). Ingalls Peak, East Ridge June 29, 2002. The South Face of the North Peak of Ingalls is nice climbs with a few 5th class pitches, good quality rock, great vistas of massive neighbor Mt. Combine both and you get a lot of people attempting this route. This shortens the approach by about a mile and reduces the amount of ascending by about 1000'. A cornice separating South Ingalls Peak and Ingalls Peak. Ingalls Peak (East Summit) - 6.5.2015. 2015 Hikes and Climbs All Photo Galleries. Shirley on approach to camp with Ingalls Peaks in the background (July 2005). Fortune Peak is a 7,382-foot (2,250-metre) mountain summit located along the common border of Kittitas County and Chelan County, in Washington state. The south peak of Ingalls fits the bill. Anoth­er clas­sic line on Ingalls Peak leads you up the East Ridge. I'd hiked past Ingalls twice before on my way to Stuart's North and West Ridges, but hadn't yet stopped to sample the goods. Photo ta… 3. With a perfect forecast on Sunday, Erica and I left Seattle at 7am bound for Ingalls Peak. I waited too long to write this TR, the times and some of the details have already faded... Ingalls East Ridge: Approximate ascent in red, descent in blue. After the prior steep skinning, the approach to Fortune seemed gentle. Shirley hiking around Ingalls Lake on a cloudy July 2005 day. Camp below a cloudy Ingalls Peak. Ingalls Pass and Ingalls Lake are technically out of Wenatchee Outdoor’s territory–driving from the Big Y near Leavenworth to the trailhead is over an hour’s drive (more like 1 hour and 20 minutes). Select an image to enlarge it. The hike is … The approach combines traffic conflicts of different sites and periods to develop a uniform generalized Pareto distribution (GPD) model for the treatment effect estimation. The most recent appears at top. It had taken us only about two and a half hours to get to Ingalls Lake. It had taken us only about two and a half hours to get to Ingalls Lake. Why: I wanted to get just one more technical climb before the wet season started. North Ingalls Peak - 7662' - South ridge Class 5.4 South Ingalls Peak - 7640' - North Ridge Class 2 October 2012. But this same area can be reached by a longer approach up Ingalls Creek–a trailhead that is solidly within our area. Fortune Peak is the second-highest point in the Teanaway area of the Wenatchee Mountains. A common approach is from the road that goes up the Teanaway River from Cle Elum and ends near Esmerelda Peaks. The route - First pitch is only class 5 for the… 2. Everyone says the East Ridge climb is not too hard, and it might be true, it only has one 5.7 move but it was nevertheless long and committing, and on a day like this with shifting weather, the experience took a toll on us. Trips in reverse chronological order. Routes: South Ridge (I, 5.4) References: Fred Beckey, Cascade Alpine Guide, Vol. The hike to the base is also one of the most popular hikes in the region. The south ridge is rated grade II 5.4 to 5.6 depending on variation. The South Ridge of the North Peak of Ingalls Peak is one of the most popular rock routes in the Cascades. In the face of marginal weather, Dave and I cancelled our overnight plans for a one-day trip to Ingalls Peak in the sunny east slope of the Cascades. Serpentine boulder ledge 2. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will join hands with Beijing 2022 organizers in adopting a "peak to peak" approach from the Tokyo Games to … Prologue. Because the hike is generally pretty easy, many hikers have looked for something more from the lake. Shirley in our camp below Ingalls Lake. Stuart from Ingalls Peak. The East Ridge of the North Peak of Ingalls is a nice climb with a few 5th class pitches, good quality rock, great vistas of massive neighbor Mt. Ingalls Lake is probably the most popular hike in the Teanaway Valley. Glacier Peak Climb Day 1: Meet in Darrington, WA for an equipment check, introductions, and group gear packing. Drive on I-90 to about 1 mi beyond Cle Elum, then go northeast on SR 970 about 5 mi to 0.5 mi past the Teanaway River Bridge. Ingalls Peak via the Southwest Face is a 4th class climb. Shirley at Ingalls Peak with the south face of Mount Stuart in the background (July 2005). Stuart, and an easy approach. DRIVING DIRECTIONS. The reward is the same, unpar­al­leled views and Mt. It was a nice relaxing approach on a well maintained and amazing trail in and out of some forest and meadow. From the parking lot at the end of the road, take trail #1394 (the only trail), and after a little ways, take the right trail to Longs Pass, then branch left on trail #1390 to Ingalls Pass. When: On the last sunny day of 2012. Hungry for some rock pitches, Tim, Andrew, and I set out for Ingalls Peak on Saturday 7/25. There are several ways to approach this route, but one of the most popular is to carryover from Ingalls Pass, climb the West Ridge, descend the Cascadian Couloir, and finish the loop over Long's Pass to return back to the car. Adam observing Mt. Stuart, and an easy approach. Sam Hobbs in Climbing, Touring, Central Cascades. The approach travels through superlative scenery, and the technical part is short and easy climbing on good rock. It is an easy day trip from the Enchantment Trailhead. South face of Mount Stuart and Ingalls Lake on a cloudy early July 2005 day. Ingalls Peak, South Ridge Monday, July 27th, 2015. The South Face is rate 5.4 and suggested gear is a small rack to 2 inches. Topo Map . Who: Greg, Rob, Fletcher and I. Trip: Ingalls Peak - South Ridge Date: 8/16/2008 Trip Report: I had been trying to get my friend Shawn up Ingalls Peak for a couple of years. Mount Stuart stands across it and to the north is the inviting looking peak of Ingalls Peak. Drive to North Fork of Sauk River trailhead (2100'). Ingalls lake is still almost entirely frozen and covered in snow. We left the car at about 9:15am and were above the lake on some rocks having a snack about 2 hours later, headed first for the East Ridge of Ingalls. A hierarchical Bayesian peak over threshold (POT) approach is proposed for conflict-based before-after safety evaluation of Leading Pedestrian Intervals (LPI). Ascending the gully involved one long pitch of moderate 5th class climbing on variable rock of often questionable quality. Trailhead Directions Look at the GPS Track Download GPS Track. After taking it all in, we set up camp and hung out on the lake. Use the nice creek at the trailhead to cool off your post climb beverages. View of Ingalls and East Ingalls from near head… 3. Ingalls Peak is a minor, but very nice, summit just west of the Stuart massif. The East Ridge is is rated 5.7, with a single crux move. Climb the east summit of Ingalls Peak in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and Teanaway Area of the Wenatchee Mountains in the Roger Gervin photo gallery of 2015 hikes and climbs in Washington State and California. Hike to White Pass for night (5904'), joining the Pacific Crest Trail near camp. The approaches to both the South Ridge and East Ridge are on snow, but the climbing routes are clear. The classic South Ridge of Ingalls Peak, 5.5, would certainly be sunny and snow free, but the East Ridge, 5.7, is a favorite of mine that provides greater alpine ambiance as it traverses a long rock ridge. The show was hosted across numerous online platforms, including Twitch and YouTube in the U.S., and a firm number of peak concurrent viewers … Do note that similar to other climbs in the are… 3. Also, according to reports there is a class 4 route up on the southwest face. Mount Stuart stands across it and to the north is the inviting looking peak of Ingalls Peak. Turn left on the Teanaway River Road and continue 23 mi to the road end parking area at 4,243 ft, about 1 mi beyond the DeRoux Campground (Forest Road 9737). 1. The West Ridge of Mount Stuart (5.4 YDS, Grade II) is a complex route that winds up the second largest non-volcanic peak in Washington. With a few hard­er moves than the South Ridge, it offers a bit more chal­lenge, but still a very approach­able climb for begin­ners to enjoy this desir­able peak. Coming up the last pitch 3. An alternate approach to Stuart via the Lake Ingalls area can be made via a route from Van Epps Pass over the notch between Ingalls North/South. Loren and I decided to get an early start Saturday so as to give us plenty of time to deal with the inclement weather that was forecasted. Mountain photo from Mount Baker: Ski Approach, taken at 4:41 am 2 Jun 2019 by Christian It will be a while before that trailhead is drivable. When we arrived at the Esmerelda trail head, there were a few cars and hand fulls of people milling around.

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