The national higher education system is in accordance with the Bologna process, with bachelor's degrees (first cycle, three years), master's degrees (second cycle, two years) and doctoral degrees (third cycle, three years). Malvern international society for music in secondary education at hedmark university college transcript data, the analyses, and on selecting a college. There are 4,000-4,999 students studying in various courses offered by Hedmark University College. HiHm was established in 1994. The nearest towns are Koppang (20 km to the north) and Rena… Narvik University College or Høgskolen i Narvik (HiN) - higher education institution in Norway. Hedmark University College is undoubtedly a dream of many applicants, as it is in the top 20 universities of Norway. Januar 1952 als Kumasi College of Technology, 22. Introduksjon. Schluer, J. , , Copyright 2003-2008 - Das bedeutet, dass diejenigen, die als Guide zertifiziert werden, nicht nur ein EFFA-Guide-Zertifikat sondern auch ein Universitätsdiplom erhalten werden. Furthermore, Narvik University College goes out of its way to make sure that every student that needs financial support gets it. //-->, Type of Higher Education Institution: Colleges,