Most palms are distinguished by their large, compound, evergreen leaves, known as fronds, arranged at the top of an unbranched stem. Who doesn’t love palm trees? Canada or another part of the world-- ordering one tree for your landscape or many They all have a uniqueness about them that makes each one special. The tallest types of small palms such as spindle palm may reach 20 feet (6 m). An Australian native, foxtail palm is winning fans across the warmest parts of Florida, Texas and California. Over 2000 and closer Visitors to Ireland, Canada, and the northern United States might be surprised to find Palms adorning lawns here, yet this is the case for Cold Hardy Palm Trees. It grows well inside pool cages, provided there’s a 15-foot clearance. This palmetto palm has classic costapalmate leaves, with a midrib running partway along the leaf. Palms always add a tropical look to a landscape. I've tried to group them in such a way it  should be easy for you to find the kind of  palm you are looking for. Hardy in Zones 7 to 10. Coconut     Most popular beach palm, healthy fruit, long lived, Pindo    Super producer-jelly and wine, great looking tree, Banana     Fast growing, delicious fruit, great in containers, Canary Island   Superb landscape tree, gorgeous, not a great producer, Oil     Mainly used in plantations and orchards, bountiful fruit production. Palms have separate male and female trees, so you never know if your tree can produce seed until it flowers. Keep suckers removed as they appear to maintain a single trunk palm. If you live in tropical climate like Florida the selection of palm trees you can plant in your garden is almost unlimited. The most common palm species include coconut, lady, bottle, royal, Chinese, queen, Mexican, true date and palmetto. Durability and action are the best ways to describe the incredible realism of our artificial palm trees. The areca palm, known as the golden cane palm or the butterfly palm, is native to Madagascar and South India. Older leaves tend to bend downward, creating a waterfall of foliage near the treetop. Small     10-12 feet tall max and for ground coverMedium   15-50 feet tall and for privacy screeningLarge     40 feet plus. I'm Darla the creator of Palm Tree Passion. The long fronds measure up to 10 feet and arch gracefully. Also known as Jamaican thatch or chit, this palm is common along South Florida highways and also makes a great palm tree for a landscape. Plus there's a brief  description for guidance. Dwarf variety great for containers. The most popular for containers and landscaping are included here. These are native trees to the subtropical and tropical regions world wide. It is hardy down to 10–15 degrees Fahrenheit. Moon Valley Nurseries has a wide selection of palm trees to choose from. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. They Add a little scare factor to your yard with a zombie palm. © 2013-2020 Copyright Palm Tree All Rights Reserved. There are over 3,000 different palm tree species in the world. You can also check out a more complete list of the over 2000 different types of palm trees on wikipedia. I've also listed the the types of palm trees by the size of a mature tree. ‘Bulgaria’ windmill palm was found growing near Romania, surviving a winter low of -17°F in 1993. For your yard why not Hardy in Zones 10a-11. Some of the smaller types of palm trees would be totally suited Popular in landscapes, Mule palm  hybrid garden cross of the queen and Pindo varieties, Spindle Palm  feather leaves, unique trunk, gets large but can be started and kept in a container for awhile, easy to grow, Red Feather, Flame Thrower or Red leaf Palm new leaves and fruit are red, easy keeper, part shade and great for indoors, Oil    Plantation tree used for edible oil, and bio-diesel productionCoconut    Favorites on beach, great fruit, long lived, Canary Island   Very pretty, used in city landscapesKing Sago    Unique leaf presentationBottle Palm    Slow grower, distinctive shape, great for containers, Fishtail    Great as a stand alone tree or in clumps--for yard or containers, the only group with bi-pinnate shaped leaves. It is a very strong tree, quite resistant to wind. Desert Palm Trees, The Species: Now, lets discuss the specific species or genera which we consider to be Desert Palm Trees , all listed alphabetically, with comments about each species and photos if available. For colder climates With all the tremendous variety in shapes and sizes- you are sure to find something to suit your tastes and space! Grows 20 to 40 feet tall. This plant is another very popular choice for indoor palms, likely due to the beautiful feathery fronds it produces from its thin, bamboo-like trunks. Here's a list of the many types of palm trees used in landscapes. are a huge nursery based in Florida with connections to many quality growers. Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide Palms make excellent landscape plants. Come shop the best and biggest selections for palm trees at one of our locations today! Whether you are ordering from inside the United States, My goal is to guide you into selecting species that might tolerate your desert sun. Photo By: Photo courtesy of Real Palm Trees, Photo By: Photo courtesy of Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Photo By: Photo courtesy of Plant Delights Nursery. Chinese Fan Palm   will adapt to just about anywhere with enough light, easy to grow, has beautiful fan leaf display, Majesty Palms   have green feather leaves, sold as house plant, various sizes and growing conditions, Thatch Palms both the Florida and key varieties, nice fan leaves, either light or deep green, medium size, nice flower and fruit display, Old Man Palm circular fan leaves, slow growing enough to be in a container for years, unique bearded trunk, centerpiece, Joey or Diamond Palm  gorgeous large diamond shaped leaves, rare and tropical, needs lots of moisture, Lipstick Palm great for containers in ponds or waterfalls, colorful, clumping feather leaves, Red Feather Palm also called the flamethrower palm, new leaves and fruit are red, great in container for indoors or out, part shade, easy, Kentia palm   most popular indoor palm, great for containers, shade, slow growing green feather leaf display, Bamboo palms three feather leaf varieties,easy to grow in containers, shade loving for the patio, Spindle palm does get large but can be kept in a container when young, easy to grow and move indoors when necessary, unique trunk, Latan Palms   Large beautiful segmented fan leaves,3 varieties distinguished by color, slow growing, easy to care for, Parlor palms easy to grow, stays small, feather leaf, shade to heavy shade, easy to grow. In wilder areas, the pollen is carried from the male blossoms to the female ones through the wind. Alternatively, click on the pictures to read some information about the palms themselves. Hardy in Zones 8a-10b. It features stiff, feathered, and emerald green fronds. get that tropical feel and some fresh fruit for your efforts. List of Palm Tree Species in Alphabetical Order. There are types that can stay short for decades but the palm trees on this list reach about 20 feet tall or less at maturity. to 3000 to be exact. Hardy in Zones 7b to 10b. Leaves on this palm are also commonly used as roof thatch because of their reputed zombie-repellant properties. curb appeal with their unique shaped leaves? Red feather, also known as the flame thrower palm tree showing new leaf color. Hardy Zones 9b-11. As the name suggests, this clump-forming palm hails from dry regions of sub-Saharan Africa. This recipe sounds very yummy and looks great too. As climate change warms the planet, countless plants and animals are migrating into new habitats made more suitable for their survival. The tree is said to have a crown, a green shaft that extends 3 feet along the trunk directly below the leaves. Sometimes referred to as Taylor Hardy or Raleigh, this Chinese windmill palm stands up to snow and cold as far north as Baltimore and Philadelphia. It can grow up to 6 or 7 feet at a rate of about 6 to 10 inches of growth per year. Plants will fill in as they grow. These areas include Florida, Jacksonville, and California. able to enjoy your little slice of paradise year round! South America is the native home of the uncommon Caranday palm. Local people groups used fronds for weaving baskets. Brown fibers cover trunks and contrast nicely with long green leaf fronds. Many date farms in California have closed due to various pressures, and they’re selling the trees. Ikea wants to let you have the feel of a vacation destination right from your own home. Place this palm at least 8 feet away from a house to give new fronds room to unfurl. Although a slow growing palm, the mature height of the plant can reach 15 feet or greater, so it's worth seeking out the subglobosa dwarf cultivar if you plan on a permanent indoor setting. Even narrowing it down like this makes for a very long list with lots of categories. Small palm trees are mostly grown in gardens for their aesthetic appeal in the landscape. It’s a perfect complement to a one-story home. I hope the lists of all the different types of palm trees has helped you to decide just which one will be perfect for your unique space. Like all palms described as "palmettos," cabbage palm is a smaller tree, with a single trunk from which the large leaves emerge. Very slow growing, zombie palm forms a multi-stemmed clump. It is one of the largest and most diverse palm genera in the neotropics. Fossils of the palm have been found dating back to almost 50-70 million years BP. a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking Plus a few key questions on where hearts of palms come from and who harvests them. Fronds have a brushy, full appearance, like the tail of a fox. They are scientifically referred to as "pinnate" shaped. Trees grow 25 to 50 feet tall. Saw Palmetto   fruits made into health supplement for prostate, nice deeply divided fan leaf, cold, salt, and drought tolerant, slow growing. There are around 202 currently known genera and over 2,500 different palm tree species in the world, most of which are restricted to tropical, subtropical, and warm temperate climates. Hardy in Zones 10a-11. Chilean wine palm huge feather leaf tree, produces small fruits sold at farmers markets and that taste like coconut. Welcome royalty to your landscape with the classic good looks of king palm. Are you looking for a variety that really adds some Botanical Name: Veitchia arecina This tropical palm is popular in Southwest Florida. Their elegant fronds can give the impression that a garden occupies a luxurious tract of natural rainforest. Palms have a presence all their own and are the perfect plants for poolside areas or in any tropical-themed garden. real palm trees, ask questions and read the reviews before buying anywhere At the very least gave you some landscape or container ideas and assisted in narrowing down the many choices. highlights that more than 2,500 palm tree species exist in the world, most of which can be grown in Florida. I use their common names to make it easier for you. Royal    Very tall, long lived, non-intrusive roots, Foxtail      Large bushy feather shaped leaves, great for lining driveways, Areca or butterfly  Great clumping palms, pretty in containers or plant as privacy screen, Christmas Palm Beautiful leaf presentation,ripe red fruits, a dwarf royal, Parlor palm elegant looking, single trunk, stays small, slow growing, needs shade to heavy shade, very popular indoors. Most species are medium-sized spiny palms with clustered stems. It’s also known as wax palm. The Palm Tree has long been exalted as a sign of the warm sand and waters of Central America; however, Hardy Palms also exist. Trees usually grow 10 to 15 feet tall. Currently 181 genera with around 2,600 species are known, most of them restricted to tropical and subtropical climates. Kentia palm  slow growing, prefers shade, easy for in containers indoors or out, Bamboo palm great for shaded areas or indoors, three varieties that are all easy to grow, King Palms  three different variations, beautiful leaf, flower and fruit displays. Those having a tree-like form are called palm trees. Click the link to each tree that is of interest: It will provide you with pictures, potential size, growing This is the palm that bears delicious, sweet dates. Cabbage palm is a costapalmate type tree, with both palmate and pinnate leaves. Chinese fan palm, also known as Fountain Palm, are types of indoor palm trees that are subtropical. Created by MiracleGro, a well-known brand in the world of plant care, the Miracle-Gro 3003010 is a granulated formula of palm tree fertilizer that is suitable for multiple tree types. Fruit offers a striking color display with bright yellow stems and blue-black berries. Palm trees, depending on the species, are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 12. Pygmy Date   small tree, fine feather leaves, great for containers, produces small edible dates. Fishtail      Special, fluttery leaves, single or clumping varieties, Dwarf Palmetto     Gorgeous large green fan display, Pygmy Date    delicate looking feathers, stays small, Bottle     Totally unique shape, easy keeper, King Sago    One of a kind leaf presentation, containers, or landscapes, Areca or butterfly    Clumping, traditional look, fills out pot nicely, Lady palms  great for med to low light, different leaf pattern, Triangle    Beautiful when small in a container, center piece tree in yard, Christmas    Slows growth in container, great poolside or driveways, Banana   Small varieties, fast growing, fruit producing, delicious. Bulging leaf bases overlap on this Madagascar native to form a triangle shape that’s elegant in the landscape. for container gardening. Hardy in Zones 9b-11. Trunks produce suckers that, if left unchecked, create large, impenetrable clumps. This article gives you the names of different palm tree species. Palm trees are amazing at completing a full and interesting landscaping job with very few elements. Trees grow to 20 feet at a slow rate. Go to part of this  page you are interested in by following the links listed. Tree height tops at 10 feet. Palm Tree mega information site with detailed information on Palms and great pictures of palm tree types which are successfully grown in Northern and Southern climates. ‘Taylor Form’ Windmill Palm (Trachycarpus fortunei ‘Taylor Form’), ‘Bulgaria’ Windmill Palm (Trachycarpus fortunei ‘Bulgaria’), King Palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana), Contemporary Florida Home Framed By Palm Trees. ‘Bulgaria’ trees grow to 20 feet at a slow rate. You’ll be Several species of Cold Hardy Palm can grow throughout most of the United States, some species grow in all 48 contiguous states if potted and t… Trees grow to 20 feet tall and benefit from supplemental irrigation. Make sure to visit They've come up with a box filled with home decor, accessories (including faux palm trees) and even recipes from…. Place your curser over the images to reveal the Latin names. There are many palm trees types with feather leaves to choose from. Native to Northern Mexico at elevations of 3,000 feet, this is a cold-hardy palm that’s very slow growing. Chilean wine palm is a massive slow growing tree that's easy to keep and gorgeous to look at. Silvery leaves contrast with a dark brown trunk. There are over 2,500 species of living palm trees, and while the vast majority of them survive only in tropical climates, some are more hardy and can grow in places that regularly get snow. Just in case size matters. Ruffled Fan Palm   is a great choice for indoors-grows slow with beautiful leaves. If you are looking at adding a tropical looking tattoo you definitely can't have it without including at least one palm tree. Earning its name from a spindle shaped trunk (narrow at both ends and fat in the middle), this tropical palm works well as a specimen or accent tree. It’s reported to have survived -9° F in the 1980s. Palm trees are beautiful, long-living and hardy plants that add a tropical note to any landscape. Young foxtail palms are somewhat sparse looking and leaves can appear torn. Date palms bring a sense of stateliness to any setting. Palm trees are typically associated with tropical and warm regions, but there are many species of palm tree that can weather a great deal of different climates. of any kind then I would highly recommend purchasing through the Real Palm Tree Store. Note that some of these small sized palms prefer shade as they typically grow under the canopies of larger trees in the wild. A major group or type of palms are the species known as Fan Palms. Leaves produce a waxy substance used to make lipstick, car polish and candles. Easy keeper, Travelers Palm   Center piece tree- large,eye catching, fast growing, Bismarck     Exquisite leaves in silver blue or bright green, Sabal Palmetto     Many varieties, cold hardy, grow almost anywhere, Dwarf Palmetto  Blue or green pointed leaves, cold hardy, grows well in shade, Ruffled Fan Palm    Beautiful large green fans on a small tree, Broad-leaf Lady    Deeply divided leaves-great for containers in lower light conditions like indoors, Needle Palm   Dark green leaves, shade and moisture loving, cold tolerant, Blue Needle   Beautiful silver blue very pointed fan leaves, drought and cold tolerant, California Fan Palm    Super looking, large, drought, salt and cold tolerant, Mediterranean Fan    Medium size, drought,salt and cold tolerant, beautiful clumping variety, slow grower, Chinese fan palm   great outdoors or in containers, popular and easy to grow, Mexican Fan   grows fast and tall, drought, salt and cold tolerant, Saw Palmetto  cold, drought and salt tolerant, deeply divide circular leaves in a couple different colors, health benefits made from the fruits, Joey or Diamond Palm elongated diamond shaped corrugated leaves in emerald or blue, 20 ft tall and wide, needs lots of moisture. Defining a tree based on a single main stem causes a dilemma for the palms, since many palm species — including the paurotis palm, a Florida native — can be both solitary and clumping. There are innumerable palm trees around the world which can be classified into different types depending on various factors, like the shape of their leaves, geographic location, climate tolerance, etc. The Serenoa repens palm has a trunk that grows horizontally with dense leaves that give it a bush-like appearance. It hails from North Africa and thrives in … Palms are among the best known and extensively cultivated plant families. This is the palm that bears delicious, sweet dates. This gives you a great chance to display the many different characteristics these tropical delights offer. conditions--like hardiness zone, minimum temperatures, lighting, and much more including their scientific names. Selectively remove suckers as they form to create a clump that showcases the gracefully arching trunks. Lipstick Palm great for containers in ponds or waterfalls, colorful, clumping feather leaves. Majesty Palm    variety of sizes and growing conditions. Date Palms   A few varieties, both multi and single trunk, Leaves ranging from green, to solver to almost blue color. By planting a variety of different palm trees and incorporating the kinds of plants that go well with palm trees, such as ferns and bromeliads, you can design a tropical … Lots of palm tree tattoo ideas. Palms are recognized by their fan-shaped or feather-like fronds (leaves) and fiber-covered trunks or stems. Have a look at these types of palm trees: Thatch palms  either Florida or Key varieties ,great for yard or containers, drought and salt tolerant, deep green or light green leaves, medium size, Windmill  and miniature chusan  Gorgeous, easy to grow, extremely cold hardy, medium size, can do containers, Latan palms  3 different varieties distinguished by color, beautiful stiff leaves, slow growing, easy to care for, Old man palm unique display for centerpiece or containers. True Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) Date palms bring a sense of stateliness to any setting. Montgomery Palm grows up to 25-35 feet tall. Climates in subtropical areas usually have warm to hot summer months and a mild to cool winter season. Tropical Palm Trees manufactures the most realistic durable, versatile and affordable indoor and outdoor artificial palm trees available anywhere. These "companion plants" add different colors, textures, leaf patterns and appearances to the garden. Here are some illustrations of different types of palm trees from various habitats around the world, there are thirty individual palm tree pictures in all, and a couple of palm misnomers. The narrow footprint means it fits neatly into small yards, along fences or lining a parking area. Joey or Diamond Palm gorgeous large diamond shaped leaves, rare and tropical, needs lots of moisture. Hardy in Zones 8a-11. All rights reserved. Palm trees are synonymous with tropical beaches, warm sunny climates, and beautiful landscaped gardens. Hardy in Zones 9-11. This palm easily earns the award for most unusual shape, with its attention grabbing, three-sided appearance. Chinese windmill palm (Trachycarpus fortunei), Mediterranean fan palm (Chamaerops humilis), and Pindo palm (Butia capitata) are all suitable for planting in zone 8.. A banana tree would be a surprising addition to a zone 8 garden, but there are several banana varieties that can overwinter in climates as cold as zone 6.

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