Largemouth are dominant and provide anglers with plenty of action. Subway (4) 4.4 mi. More on West Virignia Trout Fishing by Bruce Ingram Top Spots for West Virginia Spring Fishing by Bruce Ingram. The same lake that looks like Italy flipped and reversed? Topics. The lake's water clarity is low. Elkhorn Creek - Fishing. Discover what species are most popular in North Fork Stewarts Creek, and what gear has been used. North Elkhorn Creek Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. Bluestone Lake. Whether you are looking for whitewater, remote scenery, small mouth bass fishing or family floats; the Elkhorn is the perfect stream for you. Watershed. Location. Fishing tips can be accessed from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources website. Elkhorn Creek is arguably the best, or most productive, smallmouth bass stream in the Commonwealth, which is quite a claim considering that two-thirds of the state is laced with many fine smallmouth-holding creeks, streams, rivers and other waters. Wading is easy and it’s all ways easier to cast a fly with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Moderators: DaveStewart, RippinLip, RiverMusky, billb225hp, mudfoot1, uk2thdoc, Shad Man. So grab your favorite fly fishing rod and reel, and head out to North Elkhorn Creek. 3; Details ; Find more fishing reports in West Virginia. The Elkhorn is another river that’s best fished from a canoe or even a small pontoon boat. The Elkhorn begins as two forks. Neil Potter, of Delamere & Hopkins Fly Shop in Cincinnati, says, “Elkhorn Creek is one of the hidden gems of the Midwest. Trips are available from 2 to 3 hours up to overnight experiences on the creek! Find more fishing reports in Kentucky. Opal Creek Scenic Recreation Area is a beautiful old-growth forest commonly visited by guests enjoying a vacation at Elkhorn Valley/Little North Santiam. 0 Other Attractions within 5 miles. As Kentucky anglers like to say, God created the fly rod, and the next day he created the smallmouth. The Elkhorn Creek is the paddling gem of Kentucky! Full view. Then Elkhorn Creek proper flows another nine miles north of Frankfort to its mouth on the Kentucky River. Brown Trout with a countdown rapala. The day . Elkhorn Creek. Apr 29, 2016 - Tug Fork Downstream Of Elkhorn Creek. Elkhorn Creek fishing report Posted On: June 13, 2018 BY Mark Walters. Another giant brown that wouldn't fit in the net. Elkhorn Creek Wild and Scenic River. There are 23 family campsites with fire pit, picnic table, and tent pad. Love the red on his rear dorsal fin! Anyone ever fish the elkhorn creek for smallmouths? Elkhorn Creek. As Elkhorn Creek is NOT stocked, we strongly promote "catch-and-release" fishing, and highly recommend chest-waders if you will fishing in the creek. Carneros Creek is the primary source of freshwater flowing into Elkhorn Slough. There is a small spot where you can launch a canoe or kayak just above the dam, giving access to the impoundment above. According to tradition, Elkhorn Creek was named after an incident when a pioneer hunter displayed an elk’s horn near the creek’s mouth. No Activity Yet. I was curious about Elkhorn Creek as I've heard and read so much about the great fishing to be had in it. Like 0. View our North Fork Stewarts Creek fishing map for more info. One of Kentucky’s loveliest and longest creeks, Elkhorn Creek is ideal for canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. This is the 7th report in a series about Elkhorn Creek, located in Frankfort KY. Featured on Speed Channel's "2-Wheel Tuesday" program, and in Wing World and Roadrunner magazines, The Elkhorn Inn … The same one off lake shore circle and drive? At an elevation of 3,000 feet and depths over 30 feet, the lake is cold enough to support trout year-round. Most of the shore is private so access is limited. It is relaxing and peaceful. Covering 99 miles, the Elkhorn Creek offers a variety of rafting options to those looking for the best ways of enjoying the recreation. Bikers Welcome! Water was a little high and slightly stained. Two were caught on a Dixie Devil popper and the remaining were all caught on the D&H Bugger. More than 8,000 acres (3,200 ha) of the watershed's 45,000 acres (18,000 ha) are protected under a mosaic of private and public ownership. Pursue the original fly rod species on the Elkhorn, arguably the best smallmouth fishery in Kentucky. Fishing Hiking Hunting . Elkhorn Creek is a unique, pristine, low-elevation setting, with limited access, providing a landscape with few signs of human disturbance or activity. The Elkhorn is not very deep, so you can usually wade in the creek for most of the year. This might be one of the best rivers in the state for tossing flies to smallmouth bass. Fishing Reports and Discussions for North Lake (Holden), Walworth County - Wisconsin ... Is this the same lake in sugar creek, wi? 9 Restaurants within 5 miles. Another tidbit. Visitors have access to the lake from a public boat landing. It's one of Kentucky's nicer rivers both in beauty and fishing. Or even have any advice for a small river/large creek smallmouth fishing. Elkhorn Creek, a tributary of the Tug Fork, has become a prime location for fishing enthusiasts. Features Boat Landing (1) Fish. Landed 15 fish: 13 smallmouth, 1 panfish and 1 gar. When I go we usually drop in at the American White Water spot next to Knight's Bridge and get out at Stillwaters Campground ramp. Around 20,000 visitors come to this recreation area annually, a tribute to the fact that so much is available to enjoy here. Elkhorn Valley provides excellent overnight camping opportunities in the secluded spots of old-growth forest for those who plan to visit other places along the Little North Fork of the Santiam River including Opal Creek Wilderness. North Lake is a 255 acre lake located in Walworth County. September 4th, 2006 Elkhorn Creek water 6" below summer pool. We have been offering rentals on the Elkhorn since 1981. Taylorsville Lake. Elkhorn Creek, Kentucky - Freshwater Fishing Report. Followers 1107 Catches 180 Spots 60. Replies Views Last post; Where to fish. Rentals include canoes, kayaks, tandem kayaks, premium fishing kayaks, and rafts. It is a all day trip if you fish along the way. This creek is well known for its smallmouth population and size, however, I mostly catch largemouth bass, good size too! The launch is at the end of Barker Rd. Dan and I do recommend that anglers wear chest waders and do practice catch-and-release while fishing here, as we do want to preserve the great fishing." Robinson Dam is a lowhead dam on the North Elkhorn, between Georgetown and Frankfort off of Highway 460 at Robinson Lane. Elkhorn is a popular destination for not only Kentuckians, but also many visitors from out of state. by inhoc1855 » Dec 20, 2005. The Elkhorn is one of Kentucky’s blueway treasures. Fish include Panfish, Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike. off Highway 1262, Frankfort, KY. Best nearby. Back to All Fishing Gear Articles \ Fly Fishing: warmwater species \ Elkhorn Creek fishing report July 15. Elkhorn Creek. It is a terrific warm and cold-water fishery. It has many beautiful sites like the falls and the distillery. Elkhorn Creek fishing report July 15 Posted On: July 16, 2019 BY Mark Walters. There is a reason most people say it is the most popular paddling stream in the state. There are 6 putin/takeout points on our kayak fishing launch locations map.I would stay away from the "Elkhorn Campground Launch" that run to "Canoe Ky Upper Put In" is probably Class III rapids!Just ask Slamdunc about bailing out his ultimate with a beer can! I had to take the GF to visit her parents, who live near Georgetown, the other day. If you are not familiar with the Elkhorn it is probably time to make yourself familiar. McClusky Slough to the north and Moro Cojo Slough to the south also provide freshwater inputs.. Conservation ownership. The two merge at the aptly named, Forks of the Elkhorn, just east of Frankfort, the state capital. There is nothing to show. Elkhorn Creek. Elkhorn Creek is beautiful. Elkhorn Creek has cut its into the limestone rock just North of Frankfurt, Kentucky. 4 Replies 1.0K Views Last post by sophiagrace77 Nov 17, 2017 2005-12-20T05:43. North Elkhorn Creek is a stream located just 20.2 miles from Douglas, in Platte County, in the state of Wyoming, United States, near Deadmans Corner, WY. The area is daytime access only. … It flows through the heavily forested and rugged foothills of the west side of the Cascade Range and within the Opal Creek Scenic Recreation Area, which is known for its majestic old-growth forests. It has a maximum depth of 11 feet. The North Fork’s origin lies east of Lexington, while the South’s is found southwest of the same city. The dam site is public property, and fishing is allowed there. 3.050 acres . The best fishing is usually found in Franklin County below the Forks of Elkhorn. Whether you’re fly fishing or otherwise your chances of getting a bite here are good. Tug Fork Downstream Of Elkhorn Creek Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. REPORT ABUSE. We are the premiere outfitter on the creek. Mike Zollner. I always enjoy the Elkhorn. Contact. I don’t need to tell any local anglers that this has been a rough year for getting out on our smallmouth streams in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Please post any info you might have for Elkhorn Creek here. It has it all; whitewater, easy moving rapids, great fishing, remote picnic spots, clear swimming holes! Situated at a distance of 45 minutes from Lexington, Kentucky, the Class II-III Gorge section is one of the most opted for spots for rafting enthusiasts. How-To Tips For The Elkhorn Ernie Nester is not only one of the TU volunteers who labor to restore the creek's appearance, but he is also known to be very good at enticing the stream's trout. Elkhorn Creek truly does have good fishing. Quantifying any fishing water as “best” will spark endless debate among anglers. Elkhorn Lake, a 54-acre impoundment on the North River in the George Washington National Forest, is part of the North River Recreation Area in Augusta County. So, we decided to go to her parents' house via Newtown Pike, which crosses over the North Fork of the creek. Fishing at North Fork Stewarts Creek? Folks canoe in it probably the most around here. Elkhorn Creek is considered one of the best smallmouth bass streams in the state. Fishing: Fish for redband, rainbow and Eastern brook trout on the North Powder River and Anthony Creek, which flow through Elkhorn. ELKHORN CREEK An hour east of Louisville and just north of Lexington, Elkhorn Creek offers what locals say is the best smallmouth fishing in the state. WELCOME TO MOSSY CREEK FLY FISHING! Fishing reports > Elkhorn Creek. Providing 17 miles of adventure, two forks of Elkhorn Creek join east of Frankfort and continue through Scott County and to its end at the Kentucky River. Share with: Link: Copy link. heavyduty1 User since 9/25/16 PROFILE BLOCK USER. Elkhorn Creek. There's a spot to pull off near the bridge. ODFW also stocks fish at some high lakes in the Elkhorn Mountains and in the many nearby reservoirs and small ponds, including Wolf Creek, Piltcher Creek Reservoir, Thief Valley, Phillips and ODFW-managed North Powder ponds one and two. On the other hand many folks lo ... Read all 21 reviews. Overview: Elkhorn Creek is a unique, pristine, low-elevation setting, with limited access, providing a landscape with few signs of human disturbance or activity. 24 in. Elkhorn is popular for being a kayaking/canoeing spot for many outdoor adventurers. Edgar P. Zhagüi Merchán. 9/25/16 @ 10:22 PM. The Elkhorn Creek is the most popular paddled stream in the state of Kentucky. While not known for producing trophies, Taylorsville yields numerous 15-to 18-inchers. Elkhorn Creek. Back to All Fishing Gear Articles \ Fly Fishing: warmwater species \ Elkhorn Creek fishing report. Elkhorn Creek is also known as Elkhorn Fork and Elkhorn River. I love the fight of a small though. Share.

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