I had a similar problem a couple months ago. 17,855 satisfied customers. I have diagnostic OBDII software and get P2173 code. 3 replies Report. It occurred to me the only other common demoninator that i didn't think of is the AC. I.E (Headlights,Radio,AC/Heat, If you have a sunroof make sure that it is also shut) 2- Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery using a wrench or a socket that fits, you should leave it unplugged for approximately 5-10 minutes. It would not come down. I install the new ETC (Electronic Throttle ) Jeep Patriot 2010. Don t start the engine! Had no trouble getting to work this morning, however i just went to BK for lunch and it was sputtering stalling and flashing that stupid light at me the whole way there (about 87 degrees outside right now). In this video, I show you how to remove a broken throttle body assembly, and replace it with a functioning used one. Average repair cost is $500 at 48,850 miles. 1. It's so frustrating, I just got this car last year and owe more than $14k, warranty already expired. 2007 Jeep Patroit 2.4-liter 4-cylinder Electronic throttle control This vehicle was involved in a front end collision, and al … ECB was flashing. After taking a few minutes to read the manual (I had never seen those lights go off before), I started it up, and only MIL remained on (solid, not flashing). Patriot 2015 automobile pdf manual download. JavaScript is disabled. Maybe just coincidence that the problem has become intermittent again. I just bought a Jeep Majove 2011. with a small plastic pry tool pry the gray bezel out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOb8IEyCO1o, http://www.jeeppatriot.com/forum/23-engine-trans-exhaust/311042-throttle-body-replacement.html, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. If something goes wrong, the ECM or ECU triggers the fault code, which causes the ETC to light up in your dashboard. SOURCE: 2008 jeep patriot engine light is on I would have it scanned by an auto parts store, to see what the code says, then get a service manual, cheap ones are at promanuals.net Press the pedal again, and this time hold on … It should go out with the engine running. At this point the check engine light starts blinking quickly So I took the chance, and drove to my mechanic. It usually stays off for a month or two, but then comes back on. Any thoughts!!!!! I replaced mine in January with a cheaper ($160) re-manufactured one made by Cardone, and 4 months later (now) I've started having issues with it again. Answer. December 21, 2012. To reset the throttle control system what you need to do is. He said it might be ok for a while, but would never know when the throttle would give. u1407, u1424, u1425 how to fix. Two problems related to throttle control warning light on have been reported for the 2011 Jeep Patriot. I follow the directions in the manual to shut off and restart the engine, and it goes away. I looked it up and it said how to reset the throttle control, I ... 2007 Jeep Compass: manual trans..stall..I change gears..48,000 miles. ABS and traction control lights are still on tho... and my OBDII software didn't pick up on those at all. Want Answer 0. I was getting these fault codes and the compass was going into limp mode. This reoccurred several times on the way to get it looked at. When I took it home the engine light was on went back to the dealer the next day they reset it but it came on again, but this time the electronic Throttle Control light also lit up and the dealer is saying it was because I changed the Tires & wheels!!! Average repair cost is 520 at 67500 miles. Instructions on How to reset your Jeep ECM 1- Make sure that everything is set to off. Problems Associated with The Electronic Throttle Control. Had to pull over to side of the road. 5. Trekkie, trucker, Jeeper, potential racer. SOURCE: remove car stereo in a 2009 jeep patriot. I changed the throttle body, a wire clip that goes to the throttle … Mechanic just called to let me know my Electronic Throttle Body needed replacement. Mind you I was on the I-90 on my way to work when all of the sudden the lights come on my car and starts to slow down I freaked out I had semi's behind me I was not sure I would make out alive today. 2012 jeep patriot throttle body replacement duration. Dash gauges lit. Add Your Answer. I have a question. It has a 1 year warranty on it but I don't have the time to keep replacing this every 4 months so I'm going to bite the bullet and get one from a more reliable brand. Having said that, it takes very skilled diagnostics on every car brand now-a-days and just swapping parts out until you solve the problem is not correct either. … read more. If it is the fluid that's the problem where do I put it? I cannot think of any connection between the AC and ETC. I can see where this erratic idle could be quite dangerous! I normally have my kids with me thank God I didn't today. It is possible that a malfunction with the IAT sensor could be the cause of this problem? Now, press the accelerator pedal and do press and release five times amidst 5 seconds. 2018 Jeep unlimited Rubicon, electronic throttle control light, and warning message, and the traction control light and warning message happened on Friday. My 2007 jeep patriot has the electronic throttle control & electronic stability control lights on. Just be cautious about buying the cheaper TB's, though. So inconvenient, especially if I live in the sticks and commute almost 20 miles to work. The 2014 Jeep Patriot has 3 problems reported for throttle control and engine stability lights. Replacing the throttle body fixed my pat having the same issue. The Electronic Control Module, or ECU as it is most commonly called, is a generic term used for any embedded system within a vehicle that controls one or more electric system(s) or subsystem(s).  The following sequence is used to reset the ECM or PCM as it is sometimes refered too. Essentially, your engine will manually limit your speed in order to prevent damage to yourself and to the engine. Popular Answer. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Jeep Patriot based on all problems reported for the Patriot. 3. Then, wait for a minimum of 3 seconds. 2006 Dodge Ram 1500. Then when I pulled out for real, ETC comes on. I'm going to take it to dodge and have them reflash the ECU per the mentioned TSB 18-019-08 on the first page... they better not charge! this is VERY unsafe. paceguy on . As soon as the light comes on, you should see a mechanic. I can't believe no RECALL has been made seeing back on post this has been a problem since 2011. u1407, u1424, u1425 how to fix. Drove fine like this for 2 weeks...now cold start is fine, but starts stumbling on idle after just a few minutes and throttle not reacting to input (not safe!)

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