GCL is the world’s leading photovoltaic material manufacturer. API-first content management infrastructure to create, manage and distribute content to any platform or device. Open-source relational database management system. PrivateEquityWire. Integrated energy group that specializes in clean and new energy. ... Balderton Capital (UK) LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Balderton is Europe’s leading early-stage venture capital investor, focused exclusively on European founded technology companies. podcast series, interviewed by @shannonsheehan24 on how to f… https://t.co/WSIpOIygb0, "Where a system was digital and where it was truly widespread, systems could be deployed quickly, change could happ… https://t.co/GQVMoy15K9. Balderton Capital has made 14 diversity investments. Helps businesses build brand through music and sound. Patients Know Best (PKB) created the worlds first patient-controlled medical records system. The phone system for the modern business. Platform to publish, share, and discover 3D content online and in VR. The estate agent that guarantees your move. The London-based venture firm has active investments in … Maximillian Bittner, CEO Icera developed a high-performance soft modem technology for mobile broadband phone and data devices. Leaders in early cancer detection for improved cancer outcomes. Balderton Portfolio company THG goes public on the London Stock Exchange. Revolut, Sophie Hersan & Fanny Moizant, Co-founders The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in London, England. Top Funding Types Venture - Series Unknown, Series A, Series B, Series C, Seed Balderton Capital is Europe's leading venture capital firm focused exclusively on backing European-founded startups. Media company covering youth and student culture and entertainment. Learn, prepare and test on surgical procedures, anytime, anywhere. Balderton has raised seven … It is considered to be among the four-biggest venture capital firms in the English capital. Delicious, 100% organic and sustainable meals delivered to your home each week. Virtuo is on a mission to provide the best car hire experience that makes owning a car completely redundant, API-first events platform for venues and event owners. CEO & Founder Carwow, Hiroki Takeuchi Co-founders This podcast will share weekly insights for those at the forefront of the European technology scene: our partners, investment team, portfolio companies, and other selected experts and contributors. Online fashion retailer selling discounted fashion and home goods from high-street and luxury brands. London WC1X 9JF UK Powerful integrations. DefinedCrowd, Matthew Moulding CEO & Founder GoCardless, Zehan Wang and Rob Bishop alcemy Artifical Intelligence/Machine Learning Germany. Balderton, one of Europe’s most active venture capital firms, is raising money for a new growth fund to plug a financing gap in the European market and take early stage startups through to public listings. Social robots that communicate with us, as we do with one another. Caller ID and spam blocking app. NASN (North American Sports Network) broadcasting platform for sports games. Lyst is a global fashion search platform. Making communication safe and efficient. Automated vulnerability platform service to help developers and security teams keep up with threats. The leader in mobile diner engagement and payment solutions for restaurants. Market-leading, high-quality games for the casual puzzle game industry. CEO & Co-founder The easiest way for businesses to collect recurring payments. London WC1X 9JF UK 03 Sep 2020. Advanced signal processing and artificial intelligence to make the world a safer place. Dedicated to the development of pioneering online tools for teaching science globally. The world's largest network of 3D manufacturing services. Full driving software system for autonomous vehicles. The global leader in health, beauty, fitness and lifestyle. In 2019, Globoforce re-branded as Workhuman. Personal financial management and account aggregation solutions. Intelligent meeting platform for online sales. +44 (0) 20 7016 6810. A developers-first solution scanning GitHub activity in real-time. Delivered through your front door. The Stables The Stables 28 Britannia street London WC1X 9JF UK +44 (0) 20 7016 6800 +44 (0) 20 7016 6810 Manage temporary personnel transfers between sites. +44 (0) 20 7016 6800 Creators of new audio experiences to change the way you listen to music. Real-time APIs that power communication and collaboration apps all over the world. Balderton Capital are one of Europe's largest tech VCs, investing the best breakthrough technology companies in the continent. Balderton Capital is focused exclusively on backing the best European-founded technology companies. Their most recent diversity investment was on Oct 3, 2017, when TrademarkNow raised €3M. MBA Polymers produces post-consumer recycled plastics from end-of-life durable goods. SEP 21, 2020 THG — a Direct to Consumer pioneer — born, built, and thriving in Manchester, England. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on news from Balderton, and our portfolio. Balderton Capital is a London-based venture firm focused exclusively on backing the best European-founded technology companies. The firm seeks investments in early-stage and growth-stage companies operating in the finance, healthcare, software, mobility, security internet, and retail sectors. The music services company of tomorrow, built on transparency and technology. Medtronic said the acquisition will accelerate Medtronic's strategy to provide AI and data within laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgery. Lists Featuring This Company Early Stage Venture Investors with Investments in Catalonia Leader in high-performance video compression technology. Threat intelligence powered by machine learning. CEO & Founder Primer consolidates your payments stack with a unified API, and supercharges your checkout with data-driven insights. Rent shops, markets and pop up-shops in cities around the world. “We feel there is a massive opportunity here,” said Bernard Liautaud, Balderton’s managing partner, in an interview with Sifted. Utilising commercial kitchen capacity to prepare multiple delivery brands. Financial data analytics company offering information on credit risk views of the world's leading financial institutions. (AIM on the London Stock Exchange in 2016. The fund typically enters into 13-24 deals annually. Description Founded in 2000, Balderton Capital is a venture capital firm based in London, United Kingdom. This podcast will share weekly insights for those at the forefront of the European technology scene: our partners, investment team, portfolio companies, and other selected experts and contributors.

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