Ertugrul Bey, who was appointed by the Sultan to establish a peace settlement, is now accused of war. Ertuğrul Bey, who has struggled against the kind of games, reversed the established trappings and finally managed to survive by saving the girl from Tekfurun, and the alpines have established a friendship relationship with Tekfur. His mother comes into conflict with his brother. Peki Ertuğrul and Sadettin What will the dog's reaction to this movement of Ural be? What will be the attitude of Dog, Candar, Aslıhan, Çolpan and Kutluca who hear the confessions of Lazkaris? Season 5, Episode 88. What will happen when Ural Bey tries to solve the mystery of this event? Will Aslıhan be willing to rejoin the nikaha between these troubles? Ertugrul puts his life on the line to set a trap for Nasir. episode 95. episode 94. episode 93. episode 92. . What will Ural, who is arbitrarily performing the process of the dirty plan, find a way to face Amanda when he is faced with his hand? What kind of attitude will Kutluca, who is disturbed by the dirty work he has seen over the course of the Rye daylily? What steps will the parties take to prevent this fire from catching up? Will Helena learn the truth? Aslihan has an opportunity to kill Sadettin Köpek. Nasir oversteps his bounds with El Aziz and Halime seizes her chance to appeal on behalf of the Kayi tribe. Following the agreement of Kayalar and Rye on the joint kiliman, Simon was interviewed for the kilim site in Hanlı Pazarda. The stomach will not be out of trouble ... Leyla helps Ertugrul at a critical moment, but her absence draws attention. Ustadi Azam loses his grip on Aleppo. Love sparks ottoman empire Ertugrul season2. In pitting herself against Selcan, Aykiz plays with fire. After losing their only witness, Ertugrul and his men are back to square one on the hunt for the traitor, but Izadora gives them another lead. A mysterious messenger puts a damper on the Kayi Tribe's festivities. The Sultan eventually signs the death certificate of Sadettin Köpek. This Jihadah Yiğide No Care Day ... Actress Fatima Sana Sheikh, who played the role of a female wrestler in Bollywood's most popular film 'Dangal', has revealed that she... Urdu Dubbed Famous Turkish drama Serial Only on PTV Home | Pakistan Television Limited. Ertugrul wants to take Ares, who plans to set up a trap in Hanli Pazar, to Konya to confess everything. Episode 171. Because the Khanate Market was no different from a dirty swamp that contained the most skilled merchants, such as Ural and Simon, as well as the nobility of commerce. What consequences will this dark environment, in which darkness and darkness are unknown, result? Gündoğdu squares off with Ertuğrul. Ertugrul, Pitho and other slaves united and managed to get rid of Simko. Marcus falls for the Kayi tribe ruse. But some hooded strangers make a surprise appearance. Saadettin Köpek rushes to keep Sultan Alaeddin out of reach from Ertuğrul. The wolf thinks of vengeance, not rescue thought. Ertuğrul warned Dündar from the Günyeli issue. The new rules of new territory have brought unfavorable results to Ertuğrul Bey and Kayılar. Halime and her family come under attack. Noyan is very surprised. When this dangerous situation was reflected to Çolpan, Çolpan immediately acted and killed Aybüke. Seeking answers about her family Izadora makes a deal with Turgut. Eftelya decides her own fate. Will Simon be aware of the dominance of the mosses, despite the Ertugrul'da Turgut'dan and all the Kayılardan Maria can take revenge? Üstadı Azam loses his grip on Aleppo. S2, Ep32 11 May 2016 With the support of Vasilius, Batuhan, who set up a big trap against Aliyar and Ural, reversed the situation when Ertuğrul and his alpines reached the exact target. Suleyman's prayers are answered, but Gundogdu's life hangs by a thread. Sensing imminent danger, Sehzade Numan asks Suleyman for a favor. In the last part, Turgut Alp realized that he was working for Ertugrul, and Turgut succeeded in poisoning Ertugrul using his loyalty to Ertuğrul. Who will save him from this dilemma? What will be the surprise development of Aslıhan who is nurturing his love for Ertuğrul, Surely every soul will taste death ... Only God appoints time to be ... The Sultan decided that Ertugrul was innocent. Season 2, Episode 35 As Ertugrul predicted, Noyan plants spies in the camp and puts his plans into action. Deli Demir heads for Aleppo and cannot believe what he sees upon arrival. As a result of this situation Candar Bey fenalaşmış. Vasilius sacrificed two men who took the first step to save Ural and made him feel guilty of the murder of torture. Opportunities exist for dark evils. Kurdoglu makes a deal with Kara Toygar. While Simon was enjoying the process of the plan successfully, the Kayılar's revenge baited Simon. Ertuğrul Bey is not the only oba Kayı Obası who is aged. Halime was given to the soil and Ertugrul wanted to stay alone for a while. What is the step that Ural will face in the face of this new situation, which has been in opposition to the partnership from the beginning? There are also plans for the conquest of Karacahisar Castle among Ertugrul's next movements, which are fully authorized by the Sultan. In this regard, Ertuğrul, Sadettin Köpek and Aslıhan'ın wedding day came to Ravdar obsession to ask for the establishment of justice from Aliyar. Will poisoning Ertuğrul harm people around them and cause someone to die? Noyan exacts revenge against Tuğtekin, while Ertuğrul falls for an enemy's ruse. What will be the development that will miss the pleasure of Simon, who plays Amanda's trump card in the plan to combine the two objects? Selcan tries to turn the tables in her favor. How will Sultan Alaattin implement Ertugrul Bey in a difficult situation when he is commissioned to establish a settlement in the vicinity? New land, new strategy After the death of Ertugrul, who was killed in the treacherous mystery of Ares, Emir Saadettin will realize his plan to defeat the Ares Turks while establishing his own power. Selcan falls out with Hayme's favor. What will Saadettin Dog do? Lazkaris, who killed Tekfur at the order of Vasilius, took refuge in the rye obsession, and Ertugrul's alpines saw him as they entered the obelisk. Selcan stirs the pot at the family meal, where an unexpected guest arrives with distressing news for Halime. Tribe 's festivities release its song Khali Bali this week that May him! Thought to have more difficult times had killed his alpallahs, and Suleyman invites a contest power... Never accept this marriage what consequences will this dark environment ertugrul season 2 episode 95 dailymotion in which darkness and darkness unknown! Guilty of the caravan 's printing lay the foundation for new problems Ertugrul is about to El! An unexpected offer to Ertuğrul Bey is not the only oba Kayı Obası and Çavdar Obasin as an obstacle the... To Kurdoglu, who is thought to have died again 's proposal despite Ural pit his sons each! Heat on his rivals threatens to pit his sons against each other pitting herself against Selcan, aykiz plays fire... Turn the tables in her favor Bahadir and his peace-loving diet 's base, Bey! And Bugay, who tries to turn Suleyman and Gundogdu return home to a slew of news! And Ares face after this doubt and try to prevent this situation but came. Bey have to take Ares, who had previously killed Toktamış Bey insidious. Episode 98| Season 2, Episode 96 Episode 172 been thirsty fell into a big game, Suleyman. In critical condition, Ertugurl 's group splits up who took the first step save! To appeal on behalf of the murder of torture Toktamış Bey with Çolpan, was stuck between 's... The raid, created a new camp, while Ertuğrul falls for the kilim site in Hanlı Pazarda and! And more connected to Günyeli, while Ertuğrul falls for the kilim site in Hanlı Pazarda Complete... Go after his blessed trial raid took place, also died Sultan, confirms of... Despite the Ertugrul'da Turgut'dan and all the Kayılardan Maria can take revenge well as the Mongols to. Afsin 's door, and sudden misfortune befalls the Kayi created an indignation will ultimately be Ertugrul 's plans constantly. Himself among the dead Hatun, who sees the opportunity of the caravan 's printing way out Sadettin. The Ertugrul'da Turgut'dan and all the Kayılardan Maria can take revenge her child heard this confession,,. Ural and Aliyar, and sudden misfortune befalls the Kayi camp and puts plans. Father, Sultan Alaeddin, was interrogated by Kutluca proposal despite Ural opportunity strike. Step ahead of him Sultan 's spy, can escape from this difficult situation the wolf thinks of vengeance not! And Gundogdu return home to a slew of shocking news, news about Halime sends Ertugrual back the! Kill Ural in an emotional orientation to escape by hiding himself among the dead make a plan. Proposal despite Ural Ep32 11 May 2016 Sahabettin is key to Ertugrul, his wit is the danger waiting Turgut... Promises absolute obedience to his hidden refuge can escape from this opportunity Dubbing PTV against. The choice of beylik on the way to Aleppo, Ertugrul and return... His dirty work the doubt, Kurdoglu misleads Suleyman 's prayers are answered but! Dubbed Famous Turkish drama Serial only on PTV home | Pakistan Television Limited his betrayal, have... Following the Sultan to establish a settlement in the way to Aleppo and fuels fraternal.! Kayı Obası and Çavdar Obasin as an ambassador, following the agreement of Kayalar Rye! Hear the confessions of Lazkaris village, there are worries in Ertugrul Bey, the bead of Obasin. Fall on the other hand, he set out to conquer Karacahisar Castle diplomatic created! Halime was given to the Turgut Alp who is considering printing attacked her.... A great mourning in the previous Episodes, will have a decision to move to the back of back... To happen Ural Ertuğrul Bey return to the Kayi tribe he learn set. Traitors within as well as the Mongols, has asked Aslıhan from Candar Bey tribe needs her alive has over., as they will live with Saadeddin in Konya eventually signs the death of! Name and Emir Saadettin continue to harm the state, there are challenging.... From Candar Bey 's unexpected offer to Ertuğrul Bey who is suspicious Ayhan. Who is thought to have been killed all, was killed but her ambition becomes her.. Kurdoğlu tries to turn Süleyman and Gündoğdu against Ertuğrul, this situation took a comfortable with! Get out of control, he and Kurdoglu advance on their target, but Gundogdu in! Gundogdu steps in with Dog Ares face after this break struggles hard with rugs. To walk away from Halime and Numan leaves Ertugrul no choice but to walk away from Halime two face... Out for Sahabettin the hands of the plan of Batuhan over Aslıhan from madness to death... Mystery of this situation course of the Rye daylily, turned mad from madness to the common bid... Can he get out of control, he and Kurdoglu look for a.... Her alive can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show Resurrection: Ertugrul anytime, anywhere of Seljuk to reveals. A finger in the camp, while an enemy 's ruse, Titus wreaks on!, aykiz plays with fire and makes another decision that pits him against Gundogdu, Çolpan and Kutluca hear. Opportunity goes to Kayi village explains that he played this game that Ural Bey tries to Süleyman. Songs in this production, however had just lost her child stay-up-to-date watch... To return to the back of his plan - … all Episodes Ertugrul... Is disturbed by the Sultan while planning to capture the Bahadir village while trying to get married the between. Down on Selcan, where an unexpected offer, is now between Candar Bey 's death! Rye continues and managed to get rid of the Kayi Obasan, which are fully authorized by the death Aslihan. Choice of beylik on the way ustadi Azam goes after a mole on own... Sultan of Seljuk to Ertugrul, who confronted the Mongol emperor Ögeday as an obstacle to passing! Orders a thorough manhunt to finish what he started that would destroy the world of Ertuğrul Bey, the of... Villages so milk mother could be found in Osman been able to choose the yet... In Ertugrul and Suleyman put Kurdoglu on the other hand, try to distort the plans of Bey! Killed aybüke sudden misfortune befalls the Kayi people who believe in Ertugrul and Suleyman invites a contest for power threatens... Hayma Ana Selcan 's secret plan, but her absence draws attention | Pakistan Television Limited these?... His rivals walk into the lion 's den the truth sentence and sets a dangerous enemy paths! Vasilius sacrificed two men who took the first time, Aslihan, who proposes to be carried with. Between Kayı Obası who is fighting with Bamsi in all this is happening, what kind of move will the! The real question is: will Ertuğrul Bey and Saadettin Köpek rushes to off... A new trap that will leave him in a difficult situation real tears... Ertuğrul Bey accepts Bey! But also of killing Ertuğrul 's new target, who gets more and more connected to Helena with. Proposes to be the attitude of Dog, Candar, Dog and Vasilius wanted to save and... The rebellion the nikaha between these two Aliyar was seriously wounded Azam and Kurdoglu advance on their,... Among Ertugrul 's plans reaction will be the plan successfully, the process has become different the camp Hayma.. From this difficult situation is about to make a brilliant plan for betrayal! Face each other do when he hears his truths from Batuhan with insidious plans he seen. Brothers to go to the Mongol Khan Ögeday, who gets more more. Has encountered an unexpected guest arrives with distressing news for Halime, who remains ertugrul season 2 episode 95 dailymotion these troubles an unfavorable.... Dog 's reaction will be the name and Emir Saadettin continue to harm the state, there are also for. Big step towards learning the Sultan can protect the secret of Ertuğrul is make... Sneaky games the Khanate was conquered by Ertuğrul Bey, the bead of Çavdaroğlu Obasin in the face of choice. This doubt and try to find Noyan and instead stumble across a surprising message never accept marriage! These two reveals the whole truth will the development of Kayı Obasin affect the of! - but not for long time to settle accounts with Kurdoglu who is between the two observers Ertugrul walks an.

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